Tea Set - Hand painted "Roboctopus" design - robot octopus teapot with tea cups

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Hand painted ceramic black tea set. Comes with tea pot, stainless steel infuser and 2 tea cups.
"Roboctopus" image burned on.
Signed and numbered.
Original design by Natalie McKean
Handwash only - Dishwasher not recommended

*Please contact for customization or for additional cups

**Since this is hand painted, the image on the tea pot and cups will not be exact every time. Tentacles might sway in different directions, his head might be slightly larger or smaller, but just know that each set is one of a kind

1100 ml or 37.4 fl oz
H: 6 1/4", W: 5 1/4", L: 8 3/4"
200ml or 6.76 fl oz
H: 3", D: 3"

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