About Somnia City

Somnia City: (Somnia: A condition of or like sleep/dream state - City [informal]: A place or situation characterized by a specified attribute)
We create unique, dreamy, nerdy designs, focusing on small, functional art and limited edition runs. We care immensely for our community and take care to give back locally, so almost all of our supplies and products come from local or Independent businesses. We are also environmentally conscious, using only non-toxic, water-based ink to hand screen-prints every one of our t-shirts in our studio. Creating art is not only our passion but our means of life and therefore we are incredibly grateful for all who support our work.

Natalie McKean began her art career in 2011 when she set off on the road for her first art tour across America, selling her art and hand-crafted goods all while living out of her van. After the love and success she experienced in her travels, she decided to continue to do what made her happy and start selling online as well as festivals and fairs. In 2012 she met Donald Arrodondo, a San Francisco art student turned master screen-printer, and together they began to collaborate on ideas and designs. Only a year later they found a perfect, small art studio in Northern California where they began their new venture. 

 We are happy to announce that as of 2018, we have relocated our studio to San Francisco, CA which has been a wonderful new home-base for all our creations. 

- Somnia City

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